Thinking of becoming an Independent Financial Advisor?

Thinking of becoming an Independent Financial Advisor?

Ten questions you’ll want to ask before signing on the bottom line. 

1st Question: As an Independent Advisor, how will this RIA support me with technology?   APA’s Advisor Xi ‘integrated cloud’ technology gives you everything you need with one secure log-in.  From Performance Reporting, Portfolio Rebalancing & Automated Workflows, we have one of the best advisor systems available. Come see for yourself.   

2nd Question: Will I be a 1099 or W2 Employee?  As a 1099 recipient, you call all the shots and make all the decisions for your company. APA offers Independent Advisors the ability to build their business their way.  Including your logo, your website, your office location, and your desired number of employees.  

3rd Question: What kind of research do you offer?  APA offers many choices: Fidelity, Schwab, Ned Davis, S&P Capital IQ, Argus, Reuters, Credit Suisse, Morningstar, Decision Economics, Zacks, MarketGrader’s 20/20, Market Edge and more. 

 4th Question: What is my payout; when, where, and how will I be paid?    APA has the most competitive payout structure available ANYWHERE: (95% @ $1 Million in revenue). Quarterly billing in advance, usually paid within 15 days at the beginning of the quarter.    

5th Question: What financial services can I offer?  APA offers “Open Architecture” The universe is available to you.  You choose your custodial and B/D relationships, not the other way around (captive).

6th Question: What kind of client service support do you offer?  APAs integrated CRM allows you to conduct business from one sign-on location. The ENTIRE financial services market is available to you. You are able to leverage resources ‘on the street’ to compete for your business. This allows your clients to experience better pricing, better terms and better service.  

7th Question: What kind of trading support do I have?   In APAs ‘open architecture” environment you have the ability to trade-away, trade via DVP, utilize prime brokerage arrangements or simply access your custodians’ resources directly.

8th Question: What kind of marketing and business development support do I have?   APA provides systems that imbed automated work-flows into the technology.  Set up your newsletter or marketing plan and reap the benefits. You can track your progress automatically.  

9th Question: What are my profit and loss responsibilities?  At APA, we don’t nickel-dime you. Our comprehensive support platform includes everything you need from financial planning to social media archiving. You run your business your way. 

10th Question: Is this electronic platform secure?  Yes.  APA’s secure cloud technology platform keeps our communications safe and secure.  We also recommend Malware Bytes, Microsoft Security Essentials or Hitman Pro as add-ons for any additional email addresses you own. 

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