Ravi Davis, CFP®, Hippocratic Financial Advisors

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RAVI DAVIS, CFP®, Senior Partner, Hippocratic Financial Advisors began providing physicians and their families with financial expertise in 2013.  Davis is an Investment Advisor Representative of Advanced Practice Advisors and a Senior Partner of Hippocratic Financial Advisors. His objective is to grow, protect and educate his clients. By establishing comprehensive financial planning, income protection, and tax planning, Davis is adept at delivering a solid financial plan to high-net-worth individuals.

Prior to establishing Hippocratic Financial Advisors, Davis managed the Kaplan Financial company’s office in Encino, CA where he established the popular seminar, “Taxes & Financial Planning for Physicians.” He was then invited to create the majority of their financial plans going forward.  His expertise and knowledge, coupled with the confidence his clients placed in his abilities, was the impetus behind forming Hippocratic Financial Advisors.

Davis graduated from Vassar College, received his CFP® Board License and a certificate in personal financial planning prior to embarking on his financial career. He is dedicated to maintaining the fiduciary standard by placing his client’s interests first. Davis’ experience in sales management, marketing analysis, and securities evaluation have contributed to his expertise as an experienced, well-rounded financial advisor.

Email:  Ravi@HipAdvisors.com