Fiduciary….Does it Matter?

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Fiduciary….Does it Matter?


“Fiduciary” or “Suitability”

APA acts as a FIDUCIARY to our clients.

As a Registered Investment Advisor, we follow the strict guidelines of the 1940 Investment Advisor’s Act, governed by the Securities Exchange Commission.

APA is dedicated to protecting our clients’ best interests and does not accept compensation from any third party source, i.e. mutual fund companies, custodians or investment banks. We manage our clients’ assets to obtain the best results for their goals and objectives. Our compensation is fee-based.  And APA’s pricing is clear, transparent and fair.  All of our clients appreciate this dedication and know they are getting the best service with their best interest at heart.

By contrast, stockbrokers are governed by FINRA, a self-regulatory organization, which states the broker must offer “suitable” investments. This means that the products and investments offered by stockbrokers may contain commission-based products, which are deemed suitable, but which may not be the best choice for a given client’s goals and objectives. In many cases, internal or hidden charges and fees are subtracted from a client’s portfolio without their knowledge.

APA adheres to a strict code of ethics which precludes us from participating in commissionable transactions. Our clients come first.

APA Founding Partner, Paul Spitzer sits on the Committee for the Fiduciary Standard of the United States

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